A vascular surgeon is a physician who specializes in keeping the blood vessels of the body healthy. 全球最大赌博365网站 provides vascular surgery offering everything from treatment for spider veins to therapies for plaque buildup in arteries and veins.

Some vascular conditions can be treated non-surgically. 事实上, most vascular surgeons will first try to find non-invasive solutions to a patient’s vascular problems. But when surgery is called for, it’s important to undergo the right corrective procedure. 全球最大赌博365网站提供尖端服务, high-tech vascular surgery options for patients with circulatory problems.


血管手术不是一个单一的过程. Instead, there are numerous procedures that can help patients achieve healthy blood vessels. 一般来说, vascular surgeons specialize in helping you keep your circulation system healthy and are responsible for everything from imaging and diagnostics to critical care.

Vascular surgery is employed when there is no safe non-surgical way to achieve the desired level of health in the veins or arteries. Dr. 路加福音C. Serck, M.D., is the 全球最大赌博365网站 vascular surgery specialist and will administer all vascular surgical procedures, 包括诊断和非侵入性治疗.


全球最大赌博365网站 provides a wide variety of vascular surgery procedures to our patients. 这些程序是由医生. 并包括以下内容:


  • 血管成形术和支架植入 – Angioplasty is a procedure in which a small catheter is guided through your coronary blood vessels in order to detect blockages. A stent is a small mesh tube that may be left in place in order to help keep your blood vessels open. In many cases, the two steps are performed concurrently for patient comfort, health, and convenience.
  • Atherectomy - This minimally invasive procedure is designed to remove plaque buildup from blood vessel walls. Atherectomy can improve circulation and help diminish the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • 旁路, An arterial bypass will seek to improve circulation by providing a way for blood to move around blockages. 如果静脉或动脉严重堵塞, a healthy blood vessel can be grafted into place to provide a route around the blockage. As a result, a successful bypass can significantly improve arterial health.


  • 颈动脉内膜切除术 When the neck arteries that supply blood to the brain become significantly clogged with plaque, carotid endarterectomy may be performed to improve circulation. During this procedure, an incision is made in the neck, and the surgeon will clean out the arteries.
  • 经颈动脉血管重建术 这个过程, 有时被称为TCAR, can improve circulation to the brain and diminish your risk of stroke. Dr. Serck was the first vascular surgeon to perform the minimally invasive TCAR in the South Dakota area.
  • 微创颈动脉支架植入术 A stent is a tiny, mesh, metal tube that can help keep arteries open and blood flowing. 在这个微创手术中, a catheter will be threaded through your blood vessels up to the carotid artery, 支架将放置在哪里.
  • 〇腹主动脉瘤 主动脉是人体主要的血液通道, so an aortic aneurysm can be life-threatening if not treated. An aneurysm is a bulging blood vessel; in this case, Dr. Serck will perform the treatment to prevent the rupture of the blood vessel.
  • 微创血管内支架移植 在血管内支架移植期间, a stent will be placed within the aorta in order to keep blood flowing smoothly. 在腹股沟区域开两个小切口, 导管被用来放置支架.
  • 〇手术治疗 In many cases, carotid artery disease may require critical or immediate surgical intervention. 全球最大赌博365网站 can help patients access those services, and Dr. Serck可以执行所需的过程.


  • 硬化疗法, 这个过程 is used to diminish the appearance of varicose veins or spider-veins. A medication is injected into the blood vessels or lymph vessels to achieve the desired result. Sclerotherapy is often performed right in our 全球最大赌博365网站 offices, 位于扬克顿, SD; Scotland, SD; Wagner, SD; and O’Neill, NE.
  • 射频消融(静脉关闭)- Using radiofrequency pulses to heat and close off targeted veins, radiofrequency ablation is a popular option to eliminate varicose veins. 这个过程 is often performed in the office as well.


  • 导管定向溶栓 Thrombolysis is a medical therapy employed to eliminate unwanted or aberrant blood clots within blood vessels. Managing blood clots can help protect organs and vital functions. 最初, 血栓容易在腿部形成, 骨盆, or lower body but can be very dangerous when they start to travel.
  • 全身纤维蛋白溶解 这个过程 is a way to encourage the body to begin breaking down blood clots holistically across the body. Fibrinolysis is the body’s natural process of breaking down blood clots.
  • 〇手术栓塞术 When blood clots around the heart or lungs are particularly severe, 可能需要手术治疗. Surgical embolectomy is the use of open heart surgery to remove clots and ensure healthy circulation. In general, this procedure is used only in serious or emergency situations.


  • 瘘管置入术 透析 involves the filtering of chemicals and byproducts from your bloodstream (typically, 你的肾脏应该做的工作). 促进透析, 一个瘘管被放置在你的身体里, 为透析机建立一个接入点. Because the fistula must interface with your circulatory system, this procedure is performed by Dr. Serck.


A healthy vascular system can help prevent serious conditions, such as stroke and heart attack. So, if you have questions about vascular surgery or your vascular health, contact specialist Dr. Serck’s office at 605-664-2742 and schedule a consultation!



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